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Tanzania is famous not only for Mt.Kilimanjaro and national parks, but also for beautiful beaches by the Indian Ocean and Victoria Lake.  You may learn interesting Tanzanian culture and history by visiting these places.
INDIAN OCEAN:                         - DAR ES SALAAM                                - TANGA                                             - ZANZIBAR - PEMBA ISLAND - MAFIA ISLAND LAKE VICTORIA BEACHES: - MWANZA - MUSOMA
INDIAN OCEAN: ZANZIBAR: Among Tanzanian beaches, Zanzibar island is the most famous and popular place which is located in the east coast of Tanzanian main land. The stone town is a historic site which is designated as a cultural world heritage. The unique atmosphere which was brought by the Arabs, the history of slave trades, and the big fields of clove and other spices, born place of Fredy Mercury, the singer of the music group Queen, made Zanzibar a world’s famous tourist destination.There are diferent activities you can experience in Zanzibar: Stone Town sight-seeing tour with English speaking local guide, (You will walk in the stone town which is just like a maze. The guide will take you to the central market, "House of Wonder", the old slave market etc.); Spice Tour (Zanzibar is famous for its spice farms such as cloves, cinnamon etc. You will visit these farms and learn the whole process of spice productions); Jozani Conservation Area (It is famous for red monkeys); Dolphin Tours at Kizimkazi beaches; Various marine sports (wind-surfing, snorkeling, diving etc) PEMBA ISLAND: Pemba Island, known as "The Green Island" in Arabic, is an island forming part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, lying off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Pemba is becoming well known for its dive sites, with steep drop-offs, untouched coral and very abundant marine life. MAFIA ISLAND: Is part of the Tanzanian Zanzibar Archipelago, together with Unguja, Pemba and Latham Island. The Mafia archipelago consists of one large island (394 km²) and several smaller ones. Some of these are inhabited, such as Chole Island (2 km²). Chole Bay, Mafia's protected deep-water anchorage and original harbour, is studded with islands, sandbanks and beaches. DAR ES SALAAM: Is Tanzania's largest and richest city, serving as a regionally important economic centre. Dar es Salaam has two of the five museums comprising the National Museum of Tanzania consortium, namely the National Museum proper and the Village Museum. The National Museum is dedicated to the history of Tanzania; most notably, it exhibits some of the bones of Paranthropus boisei that were among the findings of Louis Leakey at Olduvai. The Village Museum, located in the outskirts of the city on the road to Bagamoyo, showcases traditional huts from 16 different Tanzanian ethnic groups. There are also examples of traditional cultivations, and traditional music and dance shows are held daily.Close to the National Museum are also the botanical gardens, with some specimens of tropical plants and trees.There are beaches on the Msasani peninsula north of Dar es Salaam and in Kigamboni to the south where residents and tourists alike frequently visit. Trips to the nearby islands of the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve are a popular daytrip from the city and a favourite spot for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. In addition to that, Bongoyo Island can be reached by boat from the Msasani Slipway. TANGA: Tanga is the name of the most northerly seaport city of Tanzania. The city of Tanga sits on the Indian Ocean, near the border with Kenya. Major exports from the port of Tanga include sisal, coffee, tea, and cotton. Nearby tourist attractions include Amboni Caves, Galanos hot springs, Saadani national park, Toten Island, URITHI Tanga Museum, Tanga War Graves and Memorials, Tongoni Ruins, Ndumi Village defense works, Mwarongo sand beaches and protected coastal mangroves. LAKE VICTORIA BEACHES: MWANZA: Mwanza is a mid-sized port city on the southern shores of Lake Victoria in northwestern Tanzania. With a population of over 700,000, it is Tanzania's second largest city, following Dar es Salaam. MUSOMA: The city sits on the eastern edge of Lake Victoria, close to the International borders of Tanzania with Kenya and Uganda. The town is located approximately 225 kilometres (140 mi), by road, northeast of Mwanza, the nearest large city.
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